About me

I was was born in 1988 in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

As a child, I’ve developed a strong passion for web development, graphic design and film music. It is an unusual combination, although they share a common characteristic; it’s all creative.

At very young, age I started discovering how to create and develop websites. This soon expanded from simple websites to complex web tools. I have over 11 years of experience within several companies, both as developer and as graphic designer.

In 2013, I started VISSR Media to further develop my skills as a freelancer. As freelancer, I have focussed primarily to be an expert in Laravel. In recent years, I’ve added composition for film, tv and media to my services to be able to include my passion for music in the work that I do.

I’ll be happy to meet up and see what I can do for your project.
Feel free to check out my services, music or contact me directly!